Yogurt Pafaits

I make these for clients who order breakfast and it is always a major success. If you are thinking of breakfast ideas for a party you will be hosting, this will be a wonderful addition to your menu.
I use a highly durable, plastic cup. The reason why I mention this, is that not all cups are made well. The thin, light cups can crack and leave sharp pieces in your food. So, please, please, if you decide to use plastic as an option, go for the premium 9oz cup.

Fill with vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen fruit such as blueberries and raspberries, add another layer of yogurt, add homemade (or store bought) premium granola, another layer of frozen fruit, more yogurt, more fruit and top with another layer of granola, followed up
with drizzled honey or maple syrup. Wooden bamboo spoons add a nice touch.

These should be prepared as close to the party as possible and not the night before, as the colors of the fruit will run and turn everything blue or purple.

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