Overnight Oats

do you ever think about making something, for a really long time, like really long, that when you finally do make it, you think to yourself why on earth did you wait SO long to make this?!?

that was pretty much me and these overnight oats last night. look at how adorable they are!
all cute, and snug in their mini major jars, i just want to eat one, which i will no doubt in about 5 hours.

these take less than 10 minutes to make and are fantastic ideas for school breakfast events, teacher appreciation days, office breakfast parties, brunches, breakfasts, morning parties, Mother’s Day, etc etc.

basic overnight oats consist of 3 things, mostly all
equal ingredients of oats, milk and yogurt. any kind of oats, any kind of milk including almond, coconut and dairy, and any type of yogurt.

i used steel cut premium oats from the brand central market classics, ALDI organic vanilla soy milk and also ALDI organic plain yogurt.

after you have added your equal parts feel free to add:

chia seeds, flax seeds, other seeds, granola, nuts, coconut, cacao powder, raisins etc

refrigerate for 5 hours or more & enjoy

if you are making it for a brunch or school party adding burlap ribbon and serving it with a wooden spoon would be a nice touch .

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