Grilled Eggplant with Miso Paste

think you need a BBQ to make fabulous grilled foods? truth is, you really don’t. 99% of the foods on this website have been made with indoor grill pans. I keep 2 on hand, partially because I can’t keep up with dishes in my sink, and partially because of the size. i use a smaller one for during the week and a much larger one for when we have guests. both are wonderful and in my opinion so very necessary in the modern faux-chef’s kitchen of today.

here’s the scoop: grilled eggplant is super delicious on a grill because of the rapid speed in which it cooks. unlike when it’s sliced & baked in the oven. in many of my eggplant cooking experiments, finding the sweet spot of crispy but not burnt eggplant has been quite the challenge. grilling on a range gives you so much more control to adjust the heat and placement of your veggies.

below we made a miso paste with white wine and drizzled it on over the eggplant.
very basic and uncomplicated. you can find miso paste almost anywhere In the Ethnic section of your grocery store or at a local Asian market. simply add about 4 tbs of paste and boiling water and a splash of white wine. if there is too much liquid gradually add more paste until it’s your desired consistency.

fast. easy. delicious

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