Grated Carrot & Herb Salad

flash back moment. the only time I recall seeing grated carrots on my mum’s kitchen counter, was when she was baking her ultra yummy carrot cake. her cake was epic, and still is. me, however, I’m good with the baking but very, very far from epic.  that being the case, I’m going to happily throw my grated carrots into this delicious grated carrot salad that only takes 5 minutes to make, after you have assembled all the components of your food processor & the grated blade. this unfortunately i can’t even begin to help you with, as it takes me some time as well, to say the least. side note: if there were a bloopers component to this website, I would happily show you all the damage I have done to tools and processor parts, due to a severe inability to put these machines together properly. 

i absolutely love the natural sweetness of carrots when they are grated. the grating releases the natural sugars of the carrots and it is so heavenly.

grate about 7 large carrots, or more if you are having a large crowd over. this salad goes fast! place in a large mixing bowl. chop fresh parsley, basil, cilantro very well. add in golden raisins and a drizzle of honey, a drop of olive oil & a bit of coarse salt. mix well and adjust the seasonings to your taste.

note: wash herbs very well. nothing is worse than eating fresh herbs and tasting the earth that it was grown in. parley in particular has a ton of hidden dirt.

re: kids: my kid crew LOVE  just the grated carrots with the raisins and olive oil. so set aside a bit for the little ones in a separate bowl, so as to avoid hearing “whats this green stuff” and “take it off, take it off” every 20 seconds.

enjoy. I can’t walk past this salad with out devouring it.

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